Non Slip Premium Pastry Mat

Pastry Mat

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Now you can easily roll all your favorite doughs and crusts. The non slip pastry board has measurements and round rolling lines to ensure you get the perfect sized dough every time. Made for kneading and rolling dough for crusts and more. The handy measurements along the sides, top and bottom will help guide you in shaping your cookie dough, biscuits and more.

Use the pre measured circles for all size crusts. The pre measured circles include:

~6″ for tarts
~8″, 9″, and 10″ for pies
~16″ for pizza crusts

Roll dough like a professional chef with this re-usable pastry mat. No matter if you are an experienced cook or a novice this pastry mat is perfect for:

~Pie crusts Pastry Board
~Pizza dough

The pastry mat has a large size work space of 18 X 24. It lays flat to easily work with. It is non slip so it conveniently stays in place while you are preparing your dough. Easy to use just slightly flour and roll out your dough. Your dough will be lighter, smoother, and less dry with the use of less flour. 

Use the handy baking tips that you will find in all four corners of the mat. The pastry mat is easy to clean just wash with warm water and soap. Do not use sharp knives to cut on the pastry mat. Cookie cutters and dull knives are fine.

Made in USA of FDA approved hygienic, non-absorbent, flexible silicone.

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